(Maverick Comet Group)


A “Gathering” is any time 2 or more MCG members come together. This can be in conjunction with a car show, cookout, breakfast, drag race etc. etc.

Any member can hold a “Gathering”. Just make plans, post it on the WWW, make phone calls etc. etc. What can you do at a “Gathering”? Whatever you like. This is an event put on by a MCG member and the events are to be planned by the hosting MCG member. The MCG is not responsible for any of the activities, but will completely support any and all activities as long as they fall within the boundaries of the local laws of the area in which a “Gathering” is being held.

Is attending a “Gathering” mandatory? NO, but it is highly encouraged. If you can attend, please do so to show support of the hosting member.

If you want to host a “Gathering”, do you need permission? No, but please inform the MCG of the activity so the MCG can help promote the event.

Past Gatherings:

Photos from the MCG Inaugural National Gathering, July 19-21, 2007

Photos from the St Louis cookout, March 24, 2007

Photos from the Ohio cookout, Sept 23, 2006